Subletting an apartment

Subletting is a renting condition in which you will want to be in the apartment only for few months rather than for the entire lease term. Due to less time duration, the rules and policies of subletting an apartment are different from other rent policies. Although you have to get the apartment for short duration but there are many concerned issues that should be addressed properly before living in the apartment.

When you are planning to sublet an apartment, visit the apartment yourself at least once in order to notice the damages or issues in the apartment. Here are some important tips for subletting an apartment:
Written Deals

Renters market less rental price in case of subletting an apartment and guarantee to compensate the difference to assure that they find a Subletter as soon as possible. It is better to have a written agreement in order to protect yourself from any sort of legal issues or claims.

Furnished or Not?

Also make sure and ask from the current tenant that either he will the belongings in apartment or not? Renters who have planned to return back to the apartment may leave the belongings and furniture while renters, who want to get out of lease before time then they will take their stuff and belongings with them.

Plan for Utilities

You have to pay the utilities whiling staying in the apartment. Make sure that you pay all the utilities on time and according to the agreement of the lease.


While subletting an apartment, make sure that either you will be living alone or there will be roommates along with you? Before subletting, remember that the terms and conditions mentioned in the lease agreement are accurate.

Before making a deal and signing the documents, meet your roommates to ensure that they might not be problematic for you in future due to their involvement in illegal activities or due to their uncooperative behaviors. Even you have to live in the apartment for a very short duration but make sure that you will be comfortable in living with them in future.
However, the roommates will also feel comfortable after meeting you. It must be assured that the roommates are cooperative rather than disturbing because living a single day with a person or persons in one apartment who irritates and disturbs you is almost impossible. Discuss all issues with the roommate before deciding to live in the apartment. However, in case of worst situation after getting in to the apartment, inform your sublet about all the concerned issues and problems that you are facing.

Be a Good Tenant

Although you will not be living in the apartment for a long duration of time period but you have to care the apartment in a similar way that you care your own apartment. Don’t damage anything, don’t create mess, treat the furniture and other belongings properly.
Subletting is a good way to get an apartment for short time period but you have remember these above mentioned key aspects before getting any apartment.