Why Do Most People Go To Florida During The Summer?

There is a misperception about the state of Florida in that there are only a couple of cities that you should never visit. When people think of Florida, Caribbean cruises, Disney World, and the city of Miami are usually at the top of their list. However, this is a very large state with a multitude of different cities, and many beautiful places that you can visit. If you have never been there before, here are some top attractions that you might want to consider to make your stay in the state as beneficial as possible.

Visit The Florida Keys

This will take you all the way down to the bottom of Florida, going well past Miami. You are going to go through Homestead, Florida City, and on past the Everglades. This is literally a series of little islands that go off of the coast of Florida where there are people and businesses. It’s just impressive how it is all connected with all of those bridges and causeways that connect everyone together.

Visit Central Florida

Central Florida is known for one primary thing and that is this could be anything from Discovery Cove, Magic Kingdom, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. A couple of places that you may not have heard of will include Marsh Landing Adventures. This is going to take you out over the water see you can see the natural habitat of Florida, absent all of the buildings, glitz and glamour.

Go To The Florida Panhandle

At the very top of Florida, it is referred to as the Panhandle, similar to the state of Texas. The primary difference is that you have a completely different climate, and many different beaches that you can visit. Probably one of the most famous as Pensacola Beach, and you can also go to the Beach at Panama City. There is also St. Andrews State Park, and a multitude of other attractions.

Whether you decide to go to Shark Valley, or go to the Big Cat Rescue, you are always going to have something fun to do. You could also travel into the Crystal River to swing with amenities, and you can also do a Key West dolphin adventure. Whether you are doing something on land, or out on the ocean, it really doesn’t matter. Florida is a magical place. You should seriously consider staying there for longer than a few weeks if you really want to experience all that it has to offer.