Why You Might Want To Visit Austin Texas During The Spring

Springtime in the state of Texas is always a lot of fun. It’s a time where you can go outdoors, enjoy the warm weather, and absolutely have a good time. Though there are many states that you could visit, Texas has some of the best large cities, and within them, many activities that you can do. The following attractions are places you should go which will allow you to just relax and find out why so many people enjoy places like Austin in the springtime.

Zilker Park

This is a well-known park with the locals for a couple of different reasons. First of all, it’s over 350 acres. It is actually in the heart of Austin, and people that have dogs have a great time bringing their favorite canines there because of all of the space that is available. They also have a kite festival if you happen to be there when it is going on. There are fun outdoor activities such as kayaking, jogging, paddleboarding, and even hiking that you will enjoy.

Barton Springs Pool

This is right next to the Zilker Park area. It is a place that is perfect for people that want to cool off. The water is roughly 68┬░ all year long, and that makes it the perfect destination for people that want to go paddle boarding, swimming, or kayaking.

Farmers Markets

Another place that you can go is the farmers market which is going to have locally grown food and you can experience what farmers in the area are capable of growing. Whether you are looking for carrots, radishes, or something in between, they will have all of the produce that you could ever want to purchase.

Small Group Tours Of Austin And Texas Hill Country

Finally, you can head over to this tour which will show you the state capitol, and many other locations. Once you go on this sightseeing tour, which will last about an hour and 1/2, you will also get to see 40 of the other top attractions. They will take you around in a luxury Mercedes van, allowing you to cruise down Congress Avenue. It’s a wonderful and affordable tour that you can take while you are in Austin.

After visiting Austin, you might want to head up into Dallas to go on a tour. You could also head over to Corpus Christi or San Antonio. Texas is a beautiful state with so much to offer, and these are just a few of the many things that you will be able to do once you arrive.