Bobcat caught on tape fighting rattler as real estate agent tries to show property

A bobcat is pictured here, similar to the one that attacked a rattlesnake in Scottsdale, Arizona this week and was caught on tape by a real estate agent trying to show a house.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Arizona real estate agent Laura Lucky ran into a starling roadblock when she tried to show a property to prospective buyers this week.

Lucky and her clients were pulling up to a house in Scottsdale and happened upon a remarkable sight: a bobcat fighting a rattlesnake right on the sidewalk.

"I was freaked out,” she told Fox 10. “At least we were in a car. If we were out walking, I would not get as close,” she said. “The last thing I’d want to do is get between the two of them.”

Lucky recorded the incident and posted it to Facebook, revealing the rattler bit the cat in the face just before she started recording, but she said it didn’t faze the cat.

The cat won the match, dragging the snake away for a tasty meal.

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Lucky, meantime, reassured her clients that the fight between the bobcat and the snake was “very abnormal,” according to the news station.

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